Gifted and Talented Students in

Florida's Small and Rural Districts


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multiple opportunities to gain and internalize rigorous, personalized content knowledge in mathematics, science, engineering and technology


with role models from colleges, universities and those working in STEM fields.


with peers, college and university faculty members, and those in the workplace who share interests in STEM.


appreciation for the utility of STEM subjects in the workplace.


Recognizing the need for small and rural districts to enhance science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curricula for gifted and talented secondary students, the Panhandle Area Educational Consortium (PAEC), in partnership with the Heartland Educational Consortium (HEC), and the North East Florida Educational Consortium (NEFEC) will implement the FloridaLearns STEM Scholars (FLSS) program.

This program includes innovation to make more rigorous STEM courses available, STEM Summer Challenges led by university staff and STEM professionals, increased opportunities for real-world STEM problem-solving and research, and academic and career guidance from qualified counselors. The program will also enhance educatorsí ability to provide instruction addressing specific learning needs and building on the strengths of each student. This initiative will enable participating students to make informed career choices and create a framework to increase the likelihood of their success in post-secondary STEM curricula or in the workplace. Two significant by-products are the collaboration of students from across the state and the networks fostered among business, post-secondary, agency, military and education professionals.


FloridaLearns Foundation, Inc. Support

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The FloridaLearns Foundation, Inc. supports efforts to improve student learning through professional development programs. The FloridaLearns STEM Scholars Project currently being implemented by the three educational consortia in Florida is a very worthwhile venture that serves 28 small and rural school districts. This project has great potential for establishing a model for structuring career directed programs for gifted and talented students and possible application for all students in Florida.

This project is federally funded from the "Race To The Top" program through the Florida Department of Education. The funds provide for many enhanced activities and learning experiences for teachers and students, however federal funds may not be used for food or incentives for participants. The restriction causes some issues while providing regional activities for student STEM immersion activities. These immersion activities or Forums will be held on regional college campuses and will require travel away from the home school sites. While travel expenses are provided in the grant, funds for lunches for students while traveling are not provided.

FloridaLearns Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization, seeks donations and contributions to provide additional support to the students from small and rural districts participating in the FloridaLearns STEM Scholars Project.




There are several ways to donate or contribute to the support effort underway to supplement the FloridaLearns STEM Scholars Project. The funds will be used to support the project activities being provided by all three consortia in their service areas. Your gift will benefit students.

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